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Guy Aldous - Hackerman

Guy Aldous the Hackerman

Guy Aldous is a Adult Human Computer Weirdo from Melbourne, Australia and the Lone Chef in the Lysdexia Digital Kitchen.

While easily excited, Guy tries his best to bring his dispassionate flair for the power of technology and communication to every project thrown his way.

He dislikes formal writing in the third person.

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Class Abilities Include:

  • Front-End Development (HTML5, SASS/CSS3, JS (ES6), React, Bootstrap, Bash, Git, Jquery)
  • Complete Website Builds (Domain Registration, Email Configuration, JAMstack, Jekyll, HUGO, AWS, Netlify, Cloudflare,, E-commerce)
  • Adobe, Sweet! (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, After Effects, Lightroom)
  • CMS Utility Belt (Wordpress, Shopify, Craft, Expression Engine, Cargo, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow)
  • Web Optimisation (Site Speed, SEO Optimisation, Meta-tagging and Schema)
  • Photography (Web Content Creation, Portraiture, Events)
  • Sound Capture and Production (For Spoken Word Podcasts or Studio Recording, Logic, Protools, Abelton, Native Instruments)
  • Digital Marketing and Strategy (Social Media Stratergy, Facebook PPC Ads, SEO, Adwords)
  • Copywriting (SEO Friendly Web Content, Press Releases)