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About the site

If you’re wondering why the logo and colour scheme hurt your eyes, this site is foremost an attempted emulation of dyslexia. The intended effect is to impede the readers visual processing of language. As a result the reader finds pinning down words and making them do what they want requires a little bit more mental energy.

Lysdexia Digital is built as a static website using Jekyll, without a CMS and free from the security exploits and tedium of complex website tooling.

The page templates are created from scratch with HTML5, JS, Jquery, CSS3, SASS and a custom build of Bootstrap.

Content has been hosted on the Netlify CDN for the best load speeds anywhere on earth. Version control was ensured through the magic of GitHub.

All design resources were created using Illustrator or Photoshop and any code was edited in Brackets.

Any stock imagery was procured from Unsplash, royalty free.