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What we did

  • Wordpress Theme Development
  • Pagespeed/SEO Optimisation
  • JS Animation

Returning for a second version of this website was a privilage after working closley together on the original for the platforms launch of CheckWorkRights in 2015. Designed by Maarten Kleinsma and iterated upon since then, Lysdexia provided the groundwork from infrastructure to code and deployment. This updated version is built on WordPress for a combination of flexibility and features set.

Subtle scroll driven animation give the site a tactile feel, supporting Maarten’s clean and distinct design work. Under the hood, a series of custom page builder templates using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) keeps the site nimble to load and doesn’t get in the way of a user adding a new page quickly when deploying new features to market.

Hosting is kept in Australia to comply with data sovereignty laws and policies, with caching, CDN and dynamic content compression in play to ensure the site moves fast where ever you load it.