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Raintree Nishi-Azabu

Raintree Nishi-Azabu

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What we did

  • Multilingual Wordpress Theme Development
  • JS Animation
  • Design & Direction by Y+L Projects

It’s always a joy to build something for someone on the other side of the world, and budding (all be it amateur) 日本語 schollar that I am, I lept at this opportunity. It’s also one of only a few multilingual websites I’ve even worked on, the complexities involved definitely proved to be an interesting challenge.

Colaborating with Y+L Projects for design and art direction made working remotely here a breeze. The clients vision for a journey through a two part housing development in the heart of Tokyo was executed in style. Emphasising subtle scroll and cursor based interations for a luxurious feel the sites design leverages texture and colour for a really exellent interplay between contrasting elements. Kouga 高雅 (Refined) & Seiga 清雅 (Graceful) are definitely at the heart of this project.